Understanding Your Assignment

You must define your task if you want to deliver a winning paper. Students who start writing without understanding the requirements write shoddy pieces or struggle to meet the writing requirements.

A term paper is a research piece drafted by learners at the end of the term. It helps the instructor to know what students have attained in the course. It also helps the learner to sharpen their writing skills and learn how to do research and provide a coherent paper. It is vital to know the writing requirements and the format to follow to provide an excellent article. Consider these sections to complete a perfect piece.

Title Page

It is the first page of your paper containing the title, name, course, name of the instructor, department, and submission date. You can also include other aspects provided in the instructions.


It is an appreciation note for all people who have made your research and writing success. It is a short piece that acknowledges their effort and contribution to your writing.

Table of Content

It helps the reader to know what you have provided in your paper. It is a list of all chapters and their respective page numbers for easy identification. The contents also include extra pages containing tables and figures and diagrams provided in your report.


It is a summary of the entire paper to help someone reading your article to understand everything, even when they have not come across your piece. It provides a brief description of the paper's main points and helps the reader understand more about the topic and its rationale. You also have to describe the methods used, the sample size, and the hypotheses you tested. It also contains the results. You have to write it precisely to touch on all these elements within the word limit.


It is the initial chapter of your research work. It must be informative and catchy to help the reader to keep reading what you have provided. The introduction offers data about the topic and why you decided to choose it and define the terms and variables used in your term paper.

Literature Review

The purpose of this section is to show the need and importance of the study. It shows what has been previously done about the topic and why your research is valuable.

Research Methodology

It provides complete information on what you did to come up with the results. It gives the used methodologies and the procedures for implementing them. It includes information about the study model, research methods, and variables.


It contains the findings of the research and confirms if the hypotheses are true or false. You also discuss letting the reader why you have to obtain the reasons and provide some considerations.


It provides the author's review and suggestions about a future study on the same topic


It contains a list of all materials used in the course of the research. The materials are provided following the proper formatting style.