Speech Writing Structure

A lot of work characterizes college education. Among the everyday tasks are essays that come in different shapes. If you want to compose an attractive and appealing piece, you must conduct research and define your assignment.

Understand what you are required to provide and do the same to meet your instructor’s needs. You can be directed to draft a speech for academic grading. Many students dread it, but it is simple, like other essays. A speech follows the same structure as many other articles. This piece will help you understand more about the right format to compose a speech and other considerations that help you write a premium piece.

The Introduction

It is the first section of any piece. A speech also has an introduction that has to be informative and captivating. It is the first part that a reader reads and must provide enough information to keep reading your speech. Like any other piece, include a hook to intrigue the audience and sustain it by writing like an expert.


It is the main section of your essay. It contains facts and stories that relate to your topic. Do proper study on what you are providing and make sure you use the best approach to deliver your points. Divide your piece into sections. Every paragraph must have a particular issue to be discussed. Do not mist opinions, for it makes your piece complicated to understand.


The conclusion sums the main points discussed in the body. Here, you do not include new findings and information you have not addressed in the body. The conclusion helps you to give a final thought about your speech.

Other Considerations That Make an Excellent Speech

Apart from following the basic structure, there are other considerations in the information you provide. For instance, the first thing to do in the introduction is to introduce yourself. It helps the examiner know that you can freely introduce yourself when giving a speech. The essence is to ensure you write as you speak. Besides, provide an impactful opening statement that intrigues the reader. Anyone reading your piece must find value in what you have drafted; the best way is to capture their attention from the beginning by starting strong.

Each Paragraph Must Start With a Topic Sentence

While composing your paper, ensure that each section carries a different point. A topic sentence helps the reader to know what the section is all about.

Use God English

Ensure your writing is apt. Make the right selection of words to use. Include short and long sentences to make your piece readable an engaging. Every word you use must have value to your piece and express your opinion and sentiments correctly.

Ensure you write in the first person actively to make your speech easy to read. Offer personal details and anecdotes to help the reader identify with what you are presenting. When the reader identifies with what you are offering, they are likely to agree with you. These are some of the aspects to consider when you want to deliver a perfect speech.